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Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing Chooses
Cage-Free Eggs

"Cage-free eggs are safer and more wholesome for your family. Choose cage-free, every time, and tell your friends and neighbors to join the flock of those who want cruelty-free food." - Christine Cushing, chef

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What's In an Egg?

By Kara A. Mergl, Manager, Sustainable Business

I think it was Shakespeare who once wrote, “What’s in an egg?  Would an egg by any other name taste as good…” Perhaps I’m paraphrasing, but the question at hand is if there are differences between the eggs we eat.  We know that there is one big difference: to cage or not to cage. (Shakespeare again, right?) But, are there other differences?

Chickens have thoughts and emotions too

By Philip Wilson, Regional Stakeholder Relationship Manager

Have you ever wondered where the eggs in your supermarket cart come from, or thought about the life of the chicken who produced them?

I’m sure that like many people, and especially as a reader of the Choose Cage-Free blog, you’re probably becoming more aware of the lives of animals raised for human consumption, and are concerned about how farm animals are treated.

Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing chooses cage-free eggs

Cushing joins the World Society for the Protection of Animals' campaign for kinder eggs

Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing today announced her partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to encourage consumers to "Choose Cage-Free." The Food Network Canada trailblazer, cookbook author and entrepreneur also released a video to encourage consumers to buy eggs from hens that are raised in cage-free housing.


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