Why cage free?

Photo courtesy of CCFA/VHS

At this very moment, throughout the US and Canada, over 300 million hens are living lives of pain and suffering as they labor to produce one of our most basic food staples – eggs. The vast majority of the eggs we eat are produced by hens that live their lives in small cages that they share with five to seven other birds. It is one of the cruelest and most inhumane practices in modern farming. In typical North America large-scale farming, hens are confined in small wire cages, stacked in tiers and lined up inside huge warehouses. The hens are so crowded that they cannot stretch their limbs and are often injured by friction against the cage (see photo right).

This suffering is needless. Hens don’t need to be kept in cages to lay lots of eggs. Cage-free farming can provide a significant improvement in living conditions for hens – for just a few cents more per egg.

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About the campaign

Choose Cage Free is an initiative by World Animal Protection to educate consumers about the real living conditions of hens in cages. We are empowering everyone to commit to cage-free eggs and are working with farmers and businesses to adopt cage-free practices. With your support, we can ultimately improve the lives of millions of hens. Change is possible!